Do you want to live a healthy, happy and vibrant life? Are you tired of conflicting information about health and diets? Do you want to feel less stressed, sleep better, overcome cravings and feel great in your body? Have you been diagnosed with a digestive health issue and want support with diet and lifestyle choices? Is your general lifestyle all out of balance?

I’m Christine Jones, a holistic health coach, with a specific focus on gut health. I will help you identify and reach your wellness goals by looking at your life as a whole. Together we’ll join the dots between who you are and who you want to be, create your personal blueprint, decipher your body’s unique needs, and set your personal goals and work towards sustainable change.

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Broccoli: how to extract its super powers
Broccoli, as you no doubt know, is super good for you. This humble cruciferous vegetable has the ability to boost your liver detox enzymes, target...
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How to use turmeric to support gut health
Turmeric has become widely known to be an anti-inflammatory spice. But it has a long tradition of being used for gut and liver health, and...
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How to get a good night’s sleep
When it comes to taking care of your health and wellbeing, you already know that eating your five-a-day, avoiding processed foods, drinking water and exercising...
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Embrace your flouncy edges
Have you ever spent time with someone and came away thinking ‘I had a really good time. That person made me feel like I could...
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Getting started with going gluten-free
If you’ve been advised, or have decided yourself, to go gluten-free but are wondering where to get started, then the best place is in your...
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Is diarrhoea catching you on the run?
Diarrhoea is the name for when you’re stools are too loose. It’s can be an entirely unpleasant condition, as you can get caught and NEED...
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Constipation – tips for overcoming it naturally
You are likely suffering from constipation if you have a bowel movement fewer than three times a week. But for some, just missing one day...
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What can your poop tell you about your health?
Discussing poop can feel a little awkward. When I went on a juicing retreat, it’s fair to say the other guests were a bit squeamish...
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3 exercises to help you get your happy on
Today we’re talking happiness. It’s something that we all crave, as we strive to lead happy and fulfilling lives.  The feelings of happiness change every...
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Water, it does the body good!
We all know we should be drinking more, but how much? What type of water is best, and how can you squeeze it into your...
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An introduction to Quinoa
If quinoa (pronounced KEEN-wah) hasn’t hit your consciousness yet, or if you haven’t quite got around to giving it a try, here’s a little introduction...
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How to get off auto-pilot and start living your dream life
Whilst many of us have good intentions when it comes to pursuing our passions, the reality is that transitions to healthier ways of living, changing...
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Tips for storing fruit and vegetables
Fruits and vegetables have different ripening processes, during which natural ethylene gas is emitted from some produce which can spread to other fruits and vegetables....
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A NEAT Exercise for people who don’t exercise
If the thought of exercise sends you running to the comfort of the pantry, or into the arms of your favourite box set, I have...
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Tame your mad monkey with morning pages
I first came across the concept of morning pages over 15 years ago. An artist friend suggested I read Julia Cameron’s book, The Artist’s Way. She...
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My review of Juicy Oasis
Juicy Oasis, the juicing retreat in Portugal, is the brainchild of Jason Vale, aka the Juice Master. If you’re interested in juicing and haven’t discovered...
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Mental Snapp: A new way to manage your mental health
Today, I am excited to share details about a new app, Mental Snapp, which officially launched, after a period of testing. The app is designed...
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The dirty dozen and clean 15, 2018
The EWG has released the 2018 Dirty Dozen and Clean 15 list. This is an annual study into the pesticides in our foods. Sadly, pesticides...
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