Tips for storing fruit and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables have different ripening processes, during which natural ethylene gas is emitted from some produce which can spread to other fruits and vegetables. Therefore, it’s important to store foods correctly to reduce spoiling and flavour transfer.

Below is a list of 20 popular fruit and vegetables, with along advice on the optimal way to store them.


Apples are best stored in a paper bag on a cool counter or refrigerator.

Tip: Store them away from scented foods as they easily absorb other flavours.


Avocados come in their own storage unit, so no additional packaging is required. Keep them at room temperature, but you can put them into the crisper once ripened.

Tip: You can speed the ripening process by storing in a paper bag with bananas or applies. If you’re storing cut avocados, keep the pit intact as it prevents discoloration.


Store at room temperature.

Tip: The ripening processes can be sped up by keeping them above room temperature.


Keep in the refrigerator, either in a closed container or wrapped in damp cloth.

Tip: Refresh in ice water to keep the colour


Store in a closed container in the crisper.

Tip: Store stem side up to avoid moisture build-up.


Store in a closed container in the crisper.


Store in a closed container, or wrapped in a damp cloth, in the crisper.


Store in an open container, unhusked, in the refrigerator.

Tip: Best eaten immediately.


Store unwrapped in the refrigerator.

Tip: Remove spoiled or broken grapes and store unwashed.


Store in a closed container, or wrapped in a damp cloth, in the crisper.

Tip: Do not store with melons, apples, pears or any ethylene gas emitting fruits.


Store in a paper bag in the refrigerator.


Do not require a container and can be stored in the refrigerator or at room temperature.


Store in a dry, dark and well-ventilated space.

Tip: Try storing in an old pair of tights. Fill the tube with onions, tying a knot between each one.


Can be stored on a cool counter but will last for up to 2-3 weeks in the refrigerator.


Store at room temperature.

Tip: To speed up the ripening process, store alongside ripe bananas.


Store in the refrigerator.


Store in a dark, dry and well-ventilated areas.

Tip: Do not store in the refrigerator as the cold temperature will break down the starch into sugar.


Store in the crisper.

Tip: Don’t wash the spinach before storing.


Store in a paper bag in the refrigerator.

Tip: Strawberries are extremely perishable and should be refrigerated immediately. Once cut, consume within 2-3 days.


Store at room temperature or on a cool counter.

Tip: Do not store in the refrigerator, as the cold temperature may alter the taste and texture.