What’s inside your pantry?

Healthy pantry makeovers are designed to help you identify your goals, find out what the gremlins are hiding in your every-day food, and to help you make realistic goals – small changes that you can implement straight away and get you and your family on a healthier path.

Together we’ll explore what you’re hoping to get out of the healthy pantry make-over, look at some of the foods that you have in your pantry, cabinets, refrigerator and freezer, reading and understanding the labels, looking at your buying habits and how that fits with the latest dietary trends, discussing how your food is usually prepared, and what drives your food choices.

I’ll then help you to develop actionable and realistic goals. These will be small changes that you feel ready to commit to. There won’t be a giant overhaul, as starting small with sustainable changes will help to create a longer-term shift that can be built upon little by little over time.

The healthy pantry makeover works extremely well when taken with my six-month coaching programme, as I will be continuing to re-assess your goals and discuss new changes you can implement on a regular basis. However, it can also be taken as a one-off service if you are not currently a client.

You may like to follow up a healthy pantry makeover with a supermarket tour.


If you'd like more information about my healthy pantry makeovers, please get in touch