Some examples of my work

Facta NV

Facta NV is an infrastructure consultancy firm. When they re-launched their business in November 2017, they asked me to create their first website and support them with media activity.

Kate Beswick

Kate Beswick is an actor, voice artist and writer. She asked me to create a website that would showcase her work.

The Douglas Anderson Show

The Douglas Anderson Show is a YouTube channel, supported by SoTV, featuring celebrity interviews by Douglas Anderson. I was asked to create all of the media platforms, including YouTube channel, website, social sites, and a newsletter; and promote each interview and grow the audience.

The Accent Kit

The Accent Kit is an app, created by three renowned voice coaches, which provides actors with the tools to quickly learn a new accent ahead of auditions. I created the website that promotes the app, and have supported the team with social media training.

The Cup Effect

The Cup Effect is a charity, that supports the empowerment of women and girls by spreading awareness of menstrual cups. I was asked to create a website to launch the charity on World Menstrual Health Day.

UI Solutions

UI Solutions is an underground engineering company. When the business formed, I was asked to create a the company logo, website, along with supporting brochures and stationery pack.

Richard Ryder Voice

Richard Ryder is a voice coach, working with actors on screen and stage. He has a varied skill-set and wanted a website that showcased the full range of his offering. Having worked together previously on The Accent Kit, he asked me to create a new website that would be the window to his work.

Skanska ID

Skanska Infrastructure Development wanted to create a film to show the important work they do with the social enterprise Arrival Education. The film is a mini-documentary focusing on the young people whose lives have been changed for the better, by the initiative Success for Life.


When Nissan launched the new version of its Qashqai car, we were asked to create a film that showcased the story of its success. Shot as a documentary, we interviewed the people that brought the car to life, and demonstrated how it was the result of a lot of love at Nissan. The film was translated into five languages and shown at press conferences around the world.