I’d like to permanently change your relationship to food shopping

Your life will turn out completely differently when you are eating well and understand food, because what we eat changes everything.

Book a supermarket tour with me, either individually or as a group, and I’ll open your eyes to what’s good and not so good when it comes to what you consume.

Tours cover all supermarket sections, including produce, refrigerator, bulk, packaged food, flours, seaweeds, cookies and sweeteners, ethnic foods, oils, teas, nutritional bars, milks, herbs, cleaning and beauty products.

We’ll discuss topics such as organic vs non-organic, free-range foods, fake meat, gut healthy foods, the horror of processed foods, what is heavy and glutinous, foods that are hard to digest and absorb, how different sweeteners make us feel, trying new spices and sauces, taking a chance with exciting condiments, experimenting with flavour, taste and texture, creating moods with tea, where sugar is hidden, and making ethical choices.

Once you start eating whole foods and living a clean loving lifestyle, your health will improve naturally. Let me show me how to make the best choices for you.

If you'd like more information about my supermarket tours, please get in touch.