Do you have a great idea for a business (or are already running a business), but need some help to narrow down the audience group, develop a compelling message, and develop a strategy that will launch it into the market? I will work with you to give clarity in these areas, and help you move forward confidently.

Digital Programmes

If you want to build a thriving community who love your brand, and advocate for it, you need to reach them where they spend time, and give them information in the way they enjoy consuming it. This means an easy-to-use website, regular social posts across the most appropriate networks, a compelling opt-in offer, a regular newsletter and building your list. I will help you bring all of these disciplines together into one, integrated programme. Once up and running, I can either give you training so that you can carry on yourself, continue doing the bits that you’d prefer to outsource, or I can maintain the whole programme on an annual basis.


Your website is your digital shop window and the hub of all your marketing messages and activities. It needs to look good, be easy to navigate, be responsive (viewable on mobile devices) and easy to find. I will create your website, and either manage your updates, or show you how you can do this yourself.

Social Media

You don’t need to be everywhere on social, but you probably need to be somewhere. Even if your ideal client isn’t using social sites, it’s likely that the people who influence them, do. I’ll help to you identify the social platforms that are best for your business, set up and brand your accounts, build your community, produce a regular stream of engaging content, and analyse the results.

Content Generation

Content comes in many forms; it could be as ‘old-fashioned’ as a brochure or as modern as a series of video blogs. And, content isn’t just for social, it could be a case study for your website, or even the copy for the actual website. Whatever your content requirements; an infographic, meme, eBook, how-to guide, customer/partner interview, newsletter, opt-in download, or any type of video; I will work with you to develop topics for your content plan, then manage their production and promotion.

Brand creation

If you’re starting from scratch you’ll need an identifiable brand for your business. I’ll create your logo and wider visual identity. I’ll ensure that it is applied consistently across all marketing mediums, and create your stationery pack: letterhead, invoice, business cards, PowerPoint template, etc, to give you everything you need to start doing business immediately. If you already have a brand that needs a refresh, whether it’s a new design, or getting right back to the basics of what you stand for, then I’ll turn it into something new that will fit your business now and in the future.


Any of the services listed above can be mixed together or broken apart to suit your individual needs.

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